June 8, 2009

I found them at Milo's.

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Finally made it to Milo's for Eggs Benedict. I sat at the counter. It's the best place to sit when dining alone. I watched every move they made - restaurant kitchens fascinate me. I've never worked in one, but sometimes I think I want to open a food cart or a restaurant or a diner or something someday. I am endlessly curious about how they poach eggs en masse, what do they prepare ahead of time, how they serve all five people at one table hot food all at once. Anyway, I love watching it all come together.

I ordered fresh squeezed grapefruit juice - was just right. Not too sweet. And the Blackstone Eggs Benedict, with pepper bacon and juicy tomatoes. I watched them poach my egg and grab bacon out of a container on the stove, then I couldn't see them assemble it all the way, but in a jiffy it was in front of me.

The tomatoes were lovely red and juicy and worked together with the bacon for a fresh and salty flavor. They didn't skimp on the bacon either. It was definitely the heart of the dish. The hollandaise sauce was light and buttery. The potatoes were crispy and very hot.

Todd, who had recommended Milo's Eggs Benedict asked me if I have ever had better. Yes, I said, I had. The one time I made it for myself.

And while I would love to make Eggs Benedict every day as my job, it's a relief to know that while I'm stuck in my office job, I can still get some great eggs nearby.

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chelsea said...

Looks delicious!! Hungry now!