June 11, 2009

Give me some peanuts and cracker jacks... (from Virginia)

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Tonight while waiting patiently for the Korean taco truck in the Stadium Flowers parking lot at SW 20th and Burnside, I encountered two lovely gentlemen, Herman and Clint.

They just started selling peanuts in front of PGE Park. Salted or unsalted, they've got bags of them. Although they prefer the flavor of the unsalted peanuts, they said demand is definitely leaning towards salted.

As a salt girl, I can confirm! The unsalted ones were not too bad, actually - almost didn't need salt. But I am addicted, so in the end, I preferred the salted ones.

Herman and Clint care for disabled people during the day and just started up this venture to make some extra money. The peanuts came all the way from Virginia - in fact they ordered 500 pounds! So there will be peanuts to sell for a while. And at only $1 a bag, it's a bargain.

Soon they will be offering boiled peanuts as well as roasted. What will they do if they don't sell all the peanuts? They already have that worked out: peanut butter cookies.

I'm not sure of their regular schedule, but if you see the pink sign, totally go buy some peanuts!


Lady Blackthorne said...

Question, completely unrelated to Peanuts. There is a movie coming out that I truly believe you should see... Well everyone really. But that's besides the point. Its called Julie & Julia and the preview is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjvJHsJD8ic&NR=1

Comes out August 7th... the question is... what theater and what showing? Fans of Lizzie movie viewing?

Karla said...

Just in time for the June 12th "National Peanut Butter Cookie" day! Shoulda grabbed extra for a batch of cookies but do u really not have a kitchen??

Lizzy said...

Lady Blackthorne - I am totally excited for that movie!

Karla - Yes, it's true. I live in a 225 sq ft apt, with a mini-fridge and a two-burner stove, a three inch deep sink and about 12 sq inches of countertop. It's painful sometimes, but overall, I love it. I hijack my mom's kitchen when I'm in a cooking frenzy.

Helen said...

Peanut related question-I need to find raw green peanuts in the Portland area so that I can make my own boiled peanuts. Do you have any idea where I can buy them? Or do Herman and Clint sell their peanuts at any other venue besides PGE Park?