November 27, 2006

Salvador Molly's (1573 SW Sunset Blvd)

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Molly's Super-Cure-All, 5-star-love, Garlic Chicken Lime Soup. It sounds like a concoction you would buy from that street vendor in Pete's Dragon who can't say Pass-a-ma-quady, and I must admit, I was kind of hoping for such a miraculous soup that would cure all ailments. I only ate about an hour ago, but so far, it seems to be working. I came home and checked my email and not only did I win a million dollars in a contest, but I have 5 dates lined up next week and I just got a voice mail from a local radio station telling me that I have won a trip to Greece.

Okay maybe I was exaggerating a little. But there was a tad bit of snow on the ground when I got home and I didn't get any bills in the mail. Close enough. Plus, I got to eat a whole bunch of peanuts at Salvador Molly's and throw the shells on the ground. Life is beautiful. Eat Garlic Chicken Lime Soup.

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