June 14, 2009

WTF? K-Tacos

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That's what the sign says. K meaning Korean. I'd been following KoiFusion on Twitter and I could not wait to taste their creations. Modeled after the famous Koji Korean BBQ trucks in LA (and recently in NY), KoiFusion makes tacos with Korean barbeque meats and tofu. Maybe you are saying WTF now, but you probably will be saying OMG when you take a bite.

When the truck pulled up into the Stadium Flowers parking lot over by PGE park, they were a half hour late. Oh great, I thought, it's going to take them forever to get set up. Um no. They were all set up and put together in less than 5 minutes. Because I had been following them on Twitter, I knew that they had sliders available, so I ordered the pork sliders and a beef taco. About 5 or 6 minutes later, I got my food.

Spicy, juicy, tart, a little sweet meat topped with crunchy cabbage and fresh cilantro and cheddar cheese on a soft roll. One order of sliders was THREE little sandwiches ($6). The beef taco ($2) was topped with bean sprouts and cilantro, and was served with a slice of orange, which I squeezed over the top. Fresh, filling and addictive - I could probably eat these for every meal, every day. And for ridiculously cheap prices, I could afford it!

Friends got tacos and burritos, and they all loved them. Me too.

The truck travels around Portland to different locations. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they are at PSU for lunch and at PGE Park several nights a week. To stay on top of their locations, you really need to be on Twitter or look at their website, because it changes all the time.

The young, enthusiastic owner of the truck checked in with us to see how we liked their food. He talked fast and told us all about how he could see the end coming at his old job. His dad asked him one night, "Why don't you sell Korean tacos?" And the rest was history... well after a few months, anyway.

Here's the thing: you need to find this truck and eat their tacos!


LeLo said...

I too give them a huge thumbs up. Yum!

:p said...

They make a great quesadilla but it's not on the menu. It's awesome!

Laura/DaPFG said...

Wonder if that truck ever makes sidetrips to Tampa? :P I'm thinking I'm S.O.L.

allison said...

I ate here this last term when they were at psu, conveniently right under my dorm.

so good.
I went on a whim, not expecting much,
and was blown away!