June 8, 2009

Radio Room coming in loud and clear.

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After the bageldict (stop giggling) debacle from the other night and several other benedictal failures, I was *desperate* for some good hollandaise on Saturday morning. My friend Todd recommended Milo's, which I love for dinner, but had never been there for breakfast. I headed out, looking forward to some excellent food.

"Um ma'am, you can't cross the bridge. It's closed." Damn parade. Have I told you how much I hate parades? Mostly because they impede traffic and cause inconvenience in my life, but also because I cry just a little whenever I see pre-teens in uncomfortable nerdy band costumes marching along, playing their instruments and walking at the same time, which is hard and I'm so proud of them. *Sob.*

But anyway. I ended up crossing the Broadway Bridge and was detoured down side streets until I ended up driving down MLK towards North Portland. I remembered that Matt from the Grilled Cheese Grill had said that Radio Room was really good - and maybe they had breakfast! So I headed over to Alberta St.

I love the inside of Radio Room. The art on the walls is bright and colorful and pop-culture-y, which is right up my alley. There was only a couple of other people in there when I walked in. The cheerful, smiley waitress came over to me right away. Because I was sleepy, I asked for a diet Coke.

When I opened the menu, I knew right away what I wanted. It was called the Playwright's Hangover. Toasted bread, covered in a saffron beschamel sauce, with grilled mixed vegetables and topped with two over-medium eggs. I know my goal was hollandaise, but this pushed all thoughts of Benedict out of my mind. Also. I felt kind of cool. Like I really was a playwright. With a hangover. Eating breakfast with Sam Shepard, August Wilson and um maybe, Neil LaBute for a little color. Temporary insanity due to several episodes of crappy eggs benedict.

The toast was softened, though not soggy, with the beschamel sauce. The mixed vegetables, which included broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, and carrots, were topped with the eggs. The flavors were great together and perfectly seasoned - no salt and pepper needed. (Though I was kind of disappointed not to use the salt and pepper grinders on the table - that's so rare!)

It so hit the spot - but wasn't heavy because of all the vegetables. There was plenty of sauce, but not an overpowering amount. It was all put together just right.

Can't wait to go back for lunch/dinner/latenight/anytime at all.

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LadyConcierge said...

I live right by Milo's and have been there more times than I can count. The benedicts are pretty good, but the potatoes taste old sometimes. I know how you hate that.

The best benedict in town can be found at Genie's.

Rhiannon said...

Have you had the Belly Benedict at Belly Timber? Seriously, the best hollandaise I have EVER had.

Anonymous said...

Hey lizzy!
I'd love to know what you think of the benedicts there. I'm always in search of the right combo of richness, tang, crunch and properly cooked eggs!