June 1, 2009

Man do I need to get happy.

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I've been to a few happy hours lately. Here's a very quick rundown on a couple, both enjoyed with my friend Jen.

Bastas: clams (nice, not fishy), pizza and chicken skewers wrapped in pancetta (totally dry and flavorless). Upside: They have have happy hour from 5 - 10pm every day and they have great music playing overhead - singalong type music (like Cecilia, by Simon and Garfunkle and other such greatness). Downside: Food is *meh*.

Serrato: beet salad, burger. The beet salad is fantastic - with crispy chards of garlic throughout. Burger was overdone (no pink at all!) but not bad for being well-done. Fries were thin and crispy.


chelsea said...

"overdone" = perfect:) I love serrato.

Jenny P said...

I also love Serratto. My fav is just to order the pomme frites with the yummy sauces. Next time, cause of course there will be a next time!!!!