June 7, 2009

Bageldict Humperdink.

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When a place says they serve breakfast all day, I am thrilled. Because I love breakfast. Furthermore, when a place serves eggs benedict all day, I am again thrilled because I love eggs benedict. And. When a place that serves eggs benedict all day as part of their all day breakfast menu is just two blocks from my house, I am again thrilled.

Sadly, this place is Kornblatts. I mean I wasn't sad at first. At first I was thrilled. The waiter was peppy and enthusiastic about the "bageldict." Then I got my order.

I ordered the bageldict (why does that word sound so dirty?) on a garlic bagel, which tasted...processed and chemical and totally overpoweringly garlicky. The bagel was tough and hard to cut through. The hollandaise sauce was surely premade out of a container because it was too bright of a yellow color and tasted like absolutely nothing.

And the potatoes. If they hadn't been left out on the counter overnight, surely they had been left on the counter all day. They were cold, overcooked and just plain gross.

If you can't serve it right, don't serve it at all. I would prefer that you didn't serve breakfast all day if you are just going to serve cold, old leftovers. Do what you do well and stick to that. Of course, I don't know what Kornblatts does well, since I haven't eaten there any other time, but I'm not going back now. Mediocrity is one thing. Utter crap is another.

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Vintage Roadside said...

Yikes - That doesn't sound good at all. Maybe they were having an off day?

Lizzy said...

Maybe. I'd be willing to give them another shot if someone told me that they were really awesome and that this isn't the norm. Anyone?