May 5, 2009

A Love Letter

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Dear Bleuet,

Thank you for letting me in when it was 9:10 and you closed at 9:00. The honey frozen yogurt was tangy and sweet and the strawberries were just perfect. Thank you for telling me the story about your friend and helping me to have a better day.

I'll come back sometime when you are not closed and try more things.

Your neighborhood food blogger,


P.S. I would post a picture of the yogurt, but it was gone before I got to my camera.

Bleuet Boutique Yogurt on Urbanspoon


chelsea said...

oh funny! i was going to suggest we go there glad to know it's good. we'll have to go when it's warm this summer.

Sara said...

let me know when you go again. I like that place.

Jenny P said...

I wanna go to! Even if I am working since it is basically in my backyard!