May 11, 2009

The dingo ate my dinnah.

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Parents and sister from out of town wanted to go to dinner. Mexican it was decided. Por Que No! was my suggestion. There was a wait. No patience to wait. Headed across the street to Dingo's.

Bean dip was interesting - coleslaw type salad on top of the cheesy bean dip. I didn't mind that so much, though it did make it much messier.

Wait for entrees was excessive - more than 25 minutes, forcing us to converse about something other than food. DANGER. DANGER. Controversy alert! Food came just in time to divert any altercations.

My taco salad was empty - mostly lettuce, chips, a few pieces of tough, slightly over cooked steak, the coleslaw stuff and cheese. It was lots of watery lettuce, not much substance or flavor. The dressing, chipotle lime, was good. Without the dressing the salad would have been a bag of pre-washed lettuce, indecent and flavorless.

My mom had a grilled shrimp salad and the shrimp were, well, shrimpy. I guess when I see on a menu that the shrimp are grilled, I expect them to be big enough to actually sit on a grill without falling through the grates. They probably have one of those stovetop grills where nothing can fall through, so it's easy to toss a bunch of tiny shrimp on there. I just had a different idea of what it would be.

Everyone else seemed to like their meals. Maybe I was just having an off night. The entire bill for all of us was $33.00. Cheap for a 4 person dinner. Have you been there? Tell me what you think!

I think I'm sad we missed Por Que No!

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maija said...

I've never had my socks knocked off by Dingo's, that's for sure (especially when we are spoiled by so many incredible taquerias in PDX). Dingo's is basically mexican-food-made-by-white-people, which is fine, just not necessarily authentic.

When I lived in the neighborhood, I mainly went to Dingos for their picnic tables outside & their margaritas, so it's really just a summer afternoon place for me.

chelsea said...

that lettuce grosses me out and the idea of coleslaw on top of bean deap really grosses me out. not a fan of coleslaw and not a fan of old lettuce.

Lizzy said...

Exactly, Maija - I would say it's fine. Not great.

And, the lettuce wasn't old, it was just watery. The picture maybe isn't the best.

chelsea said...


Infoart said...

I gave up on Dingo a long time ago. They used to have good fish tacos and burritos, but the last few times I had them the fish was dry tasteless hunks. With so many alternatives, I can't understand why people continue to eat here.

Whatsfordinner said...

I couldn't agree more! Even the refried beans are flavorless and dry! I was over-the-moon excited for PQN to open in my 'hood, I just hate their order at the counter routine for dinner. Apparently Dingos still fills a need for cheap drinks, chips & salsa. Otherwise, walk on by...