May 17, 2009

The Carrots Won.

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The sun was the color of the pickled carrots on my plate at Francis today. The shade on the patio was a relief and kept me cool. Cute, bearded hipster-man waiter told me that the Reuben was his favorite for lunch, and the Salmon Benedict for breakfast. I chose lunch, a Reuben with a salad and a diet coke.

The diet coke came in a giant Mason Jar, which I was so happy about. I didn't need a refill the whole meal.

The sandwich came in less than ten minutes. The minute it arrived, a lady at a table around the corner from me poked her head out "Is that a Reuben? My God it looks good." I smiled, "Yep, it's a Reuben." I couldn't wait to eat it.

It was cheesy, and meaty. And a little sweet - sweet pickle relish mixed in there somewhere. The sauerkraut was crunchy and tart. The salad was a few lettuce leaves, not much to speak of there.

But the pickled carrots. The pickled carrots were crunchy, tart with vinegar and sweet. They were my favorite thing of the whole meal. I wish I had piles and piles of them to keep in my fridge so that I could snack on them all summer.

I like this place. I do believe next time I'll get the Salmon Benedict. Thanks, bearded hipster man.

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Maija said...

You can have piles of pickled carrots all summer. There's a recipe in Molly (from the Orangette blog)'s new book that I've stuck on a post-it on as a must-do weekend project. It sounds surprisingly simple and you can make them as spicy as you'd like, too. Here it is:

chelsea said...

I've been to that restaurant and had a ruben there. I think it's my favorite ruben in town!

Jenny said...

Yes please.