August 2, 2007

Studio Blue (512 NW 17th)

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I took a pilates class tonight. You might think - so what? Plenty. That's what. When I walked in, I didn't look like the other people there. They were all sticks and bendy already before the class even started. But I have this freakish new found confidence over the past couple of weeks and somehow I didn't care. Dan, who helped me fill out my paperwork, said don't worry, Angela knows what she is doing - she's also a contortionist. (!)

Angela was great and made mention (maybe just for me) that there was no need to look at how other people were doing it because everyone is different. She even suggested closing your eyes. I would have, except I might have fallen over. Especially when she said, "...and now reach back and grab your foot." Uh huh. Don't think so. I was actually surprised at how much I could do. I was pleased that it wasn't so difficult that someone with NO pilates experience or yoga experience or pretty much any exercise experience at all besides walking could actually do most of the things (poses? positions? I don't know what you call them!) to some degree.

I can feel my muscles burning or something as I write this and I know they are preparing for extreme soreness and I'm not entirely sure that I'll be able to move tomorrow. Anyway, what I was going to tell you is that Studio Blue is great. The class was small and Dan and Angela were super nice. I can't go back because I work too far away to make it work on a regular basis, but you should go. Besides, you get your first week of unlimited pilates classes for free. So you have nothing to lose. Oh. And also, it's right by Saint Cupcake. Not that that matters. Or that you would ever think of going there after working out so hard. I was just saying.