August 14, 2007

Le Provence Bistro and Bakery (15964 Boones Ferry Road, Lake Oswego)

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After a long massage on Saturday morning, I sauntered into Le Provence in Lake Oswego to get a muffin. The line at the counter was long. There was no line for seating. So I sat.

I was craving the Eggs Benedicte, which is on a croissant and historically has been extremely filling and satisfying. The service was very fast. So fast that my Eggs Benedicte was (is it was or were?) cold. Why was it cold? It was strange. I mean it was less than 5 minutes before they brought it out. Did they accidentally make an extra one? Did someone send it back? Don't know. But it was cold.

I love Le Provence. But I do not love cold eggs. Also, for a place that is so uppity in price and location, I think it's odd to have a basket of gold-wrapped butter and made-100-years-ago jam. Don't you? Why wouldn't they bring you fresh butter on your plate and a choice of fresh jams and jellies?

Also, the potatoes were especially oily this time. What happened to you, Le Provence? Were you just having a bad day? I understand. But snap out of it, will you? There are people who need a good breakfast and cold and oily just doesn't do the trick!


Hey, It's Ansley said...

I used to work at a place that bought us lunch once a week and everyone loved Le Provence. The sandwiches are really good, and they have several breads to choose from, including something like currant walnut. Yum!

But oily potatoes and cold eggs are not good!

Lizzy said...

Oh yeah - their bread is SO good. They used to have a bread delivery service where they would deliver fresh bread to your doorstep once a week in a nice little french basket. Then they would send you the bill. It was only me and I would order $75 worth of bread a month. Just because I thought the idea was lovely. That didn't last too long.

Anonymous said...

WOW! For the service and the well-known place i would hope to be at a place I could enjoy. I was given cold food, poor servive and I was very un-set at this place. I get better service at a Taco-Bell then here. I even get better service in a rundown shack in a Poor village in Costa Rica. So i tried it again and yet I get the same service. So i WILL NEVER GO AGAIN!!!!!