August 15, 2007

Split (7335 Southwest Bridgeport Road, Tigard)

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I met a friend over at Bridgeport Village (one of my friends likes to refer to it as Bitchport Village, you know all the hoity-toity-ness and unabashed snobbery in a shopping mall) to have dinner and see a movie last night. We tried out the new wine bar/small plates establishment Split. Service was good. Food was excellent and fairly priced. I had olives with crostini and bean puree and Amy had fried zucchini. Both were really good.

I don't love Bridgeport Village because I always feel like a sleezebag compared to all the Ann-Taylor-Loft-clad women sauntering around with their matching heels and bags. But it does have a good theater and now it has Split, which is a new restaurant that is not a chain. I know. Stop it. It's unbelievable.


LadyConcierge said...

Yay! My friend Holly works there (she cooks). I, sadly, have not made the trip to Bitchport.