August 22, 2007

Sanborn's (3200 SE Milwaukie Ave)

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The Portland-y family sitting in front of us was typically adorable. Mom with cute short haircut and over-the-shoulder leather purse, no makeup. New baby that was a little fussy. Two year old in a high chair, more interested in checking out the people eating next to them than he was in his food. "He likes to flirt," the dad, in khaki pants and an oatmeal sweater, said to me with a smile as the little boy giggled with the back of his hand covering his face in pretend embarrassment.

I was actually more interested in watching the little boy than I was in eating. His precocious unintentional winks and flirty giggles were so much more interesting than eggs and toast. But Chelsea and I had come to Sanborn's to test out their breakfast, so eventually, I had to stop staring at the little boy and order food.

I ordered two poached eggs, whole wheat toast and potatoes. Chelsea ordered blueberry pancakes. My eggs were perfect. My toast was cold. But it is kind of hard to keep toast warm without drying it out. So I won't hold that against them. They did bring me a lovely selection of 6 jams to choose from. I had raspberry. One of the things I love in life is creamy salty butter swirled with sweet sugary jam on a piece of toast or a biscuit. It's like someone giving me a hug.

I had a bite of Chelsea's pancakes and they were beautiful. The blueberries were on the bottom of the pancake, exactly like I like them - wholly in tact, sprinkled on the pancake after one side is already cooked. And when you bite into them, the blueberry juice squirts into your mouth with a little blue love.

The family in front of us set their credit card out for the waitress when she came by. "Oh you know what? Someone in the restaurant just paid for your meal," she said, "They were admiring your family." And she handed back their credit card. The mom and dad were clearly touched.

I don't know who paid for the family's breakfast, but it was sweet, don't you think? That someone would admire a family and just on that basis alone pay for their meal. I hope that sometime I think of doing something like that in the moment. Like paying for the person in line behind you at the drive through. Or paying for a movie ticket for a stranger at the movie theater. Just because. Just because people are nice and good and children are cute and old ladies are sweet.

The family gathered their things, told the waitress thanks, "and please tell them thank you for us" and then said that they would be back next weekend for breakfast. I admire this family too. Tradition, food, children, gratitude. All of this and a Volvo too.

Anonymous generosity is cool and it makes me happy just to be a witness to it. Next time, I will be the instigator.

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Hey, It's Ansley said...

I love this! As if a delicious breakfast weren't already enough of a great start to the day, you got to witness this kind anonymous act.