August 16, 2007

Pix Patisserie (3901 N. Williams)

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I have three sisters. We don't really get together on purpose very often. We all have pretty strong personalities, which can be really fun. Or not. Depending. On Saturday, we had our first ever sisters night out. We tried it last year, but someone brought their baby and someone else invited mom. So that doesn't really count.
Anyway, this year we actually made it to a restaurant together. We ate dinner at Nutshell, then, we walked one block away to Pix Patisserie. I've been to Pix a million times, though not to the one on N. Williams. The waiter there was much like the coffee guy who worked at Dean and Deluca in Felicity, do you remember him? Anyway, this guy was kind of stocky and wore cute glasses and sort of danced to the music as he was waiting for us to decide what we wanted. The atmosphere at Pix is one of a kind and makes you want to wear red shoes and black lace and dance with a flower in your teeth. At least that's what it does to me. And, I am kind of weird.

I had a lovely pear rosemary tart. One of my sisters had a fruit tart and the other two shared a beautiful chocolate tower of love. That's not the actual name, but that's what it looked like.

We finished off the night watching Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics, a truly silly movie. But a totally great thing to watch after chocolate and a sisters night out.

Good food, good chocolate and a good sisters' night out talking about the first time we each got asked out, my sister Erika's babies, and fun adventures we've had in our lives.

Dying to hear more about it? Me neither. Not right now. I could maybe hear more about a giant chocolate tower of love, though. Perhaps the dream fairy will help me out with that one. I think I'm going to go to bed now.

P.S. I am going to Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco in a few weeks. Maybe that will be comparable to a giant chocolate tower of love. Should I get my hopes up?

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