March 2, 2008

Mother's Bistro (212 SW Stark Ave.)

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Oh this is long overdue. I can't believe I haven't written about Mother's before. My sister had a birthday breakfast there about a month ago, with my mom, both grandmas and our sister. It was a good time! I have to say though. They have a policy about not seating you until your whole party is present, which I totally understand. But they were not flexible at all considering we had one 98-year old and one 89-year old, who both need assistance walking down the street. That was a little disappointing.

But the food and the service once were were seated were great. My sister had made flower arrangements and brought jars of lemon curd for everyone, which the waitress ooh-ed and ahh-ed over. They brought her some complimentary crunchy French Toast with candles in it for her birthday. Luckily, we all had a bite. Very hey-mom-let's-put-corn-flakes-in-the-French-Toast-ish. It was delicious.

I ordered the biscuits and gravy, which were pretty good. I did like my grandma's pancakes better, though, with coconut in them. Those were really great. My mom got the eggs benedict, which was good, but the hollandaise seemed a little gloppy. It tasted great though.

I've eaten dinner at Mother's before, but not for ages. I do remember their pot roast and their mac and cheese being delightful.

So for all you people who have been to Mother's before, what's your favorite?

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BreakfastGuy said...

I thought their challah French toast was great: a little crunch on the outside, nice and soft on the inside. My friend's portobella-spinach-asiago scramble was perfectly done and yummy.

Chelsea said...

mac and cheese with salmon.

Sara said...

I prefer their french toast best. In general, I prefer their breakfast stuff over their dinner stuff.