March 20, 2008

Flavourspot (N. Lombard)

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This past Saturday was a little dismal and cold. I wore a t-shirt and sweats and blasted the heat in my car. My sister wore a shirt, a sweater, two coats and a scarf when I picked her up at her apartment. Within seconds, the window was open - it's so hot, she said. And so we had the heat with the fresh air, one of my favorite feelings, though totally not energy efficient.

We drove up the freeway to North Portland to Flavourspot, a little waffle stand that gets a whole lot of press as having the best waffles in the city. There was a small line outside, but only 3 or 4 deep - not too bad, which is good, since I started shivering once I stepped outside. My sister on the other hand was warm. Go figure.

On the side of the stand, which looks very permanently fixed in the Videorama parking lot, is a sign that says: Free Wi-Fi is penetrating your body. Try it with your laptop. I like that kind of edginess at 9 in the morning.

I ordered the waffle with maple cream and sausage. My sister ordered the one with butter and powdered sugar. After a week of protein bars and yogurt for breakfast, I was wanting a warm waffle like a crazy woman.

We watched the families with dogs and babies come and order, watched as people picked up their shiny tin-foil wrapped breakfasts. We waited, maybe about 10 minutes or so, me doing the cold weather jig to keep warm.

Finally, it was our turn. A waffle sandwich of sugary maple cream and salty breakfast sausage. The waffle was warm, crisp and sweet on its own, before I even tasted the maple cream. Then when I took a full bite, the tastes blended harmoniously, salty and sweet. I wasn't going to eat the whole thing. I had promised myself. But all the way home I kept sneaking just one more bite. And then there was none.

It did warm me up, that waffle. My sister's waffle was simply delicious, but a little on the colder side of lukewarm. But she still liked it an awful lot.

Flavourspot also has a number of specialty drinks and coffees. I think you should go there. And try all their flavors. It seems like a good breakfast adventure. A new flavor every day. That sounds nice.

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Sara said...

I love waffles. I grew up with the sunday morning "special" meal being waffles with ice cream and strawberries. Of course, there was also whipped cream. Yep, we used any excuse to include ice cream in as many meals as we could.