March 31, 2008

Lunching at Bitchport: The Blue Tangerine

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Working south of the city, I sometimes meet up with my fellow suburban workers for lunch at Bridgeport Village, a.k.a. Bitchport.

Friday, my friend Erin and I hit up The Blue Tangerine for a little Mediterranean food for lunch. Free appetizer with two entrees - we were excited. We got a huge dish of tzatziki with pita bread. It was appropriately tangy. It was way too much sauce, though for the amount of bread and indeed for any two people. It probably could have served four or five, easily.

I ordered the gyro and Erin had the kebob - both were very tasty, though not spectacular. Though I do have to say that the roasted tomato served with my sandwich WAS spectacularly perfect - seasoned just right, no salt and pepper needed. Thank you for that. And I do love their dishes! Crate and Barrel according to the waiter - I happen to have the same appetizer plates!

It was Mediterranean food for reasonably reasonable prices, considering we were at Bridgeport Village. I think my sandwich was 9.50 and the kebob was 12 or something around that. The atmosphere was quiet and the service prompt and attentive. All of this was good for a non-stop talk fest for me and my former co-worker.

We walked outside when we were done, which prompted Erin to declare: "I hate this place. Let's never come here again. I hate all these rich stay-at-home-moms** with their fancy cars and clothes." Food - good. Bitchport - mood killer. Maybe because of their perfectly dyed hair or their pink Ann Taylor outfits or the ginormous Hummers that they drive. Maybe because they have the freedom and money that we all want and they spend it on excessive ridiculousness. Oh wait. I do that too. Except I'm not rich. Damn.

Maybe that's why I go there sometimes after work when I'm alone. I do like feeling rich for a couple of hours, doesn't everyone?

**Not that there's anything wrong with stay-at-home-moms. I love all of you dearly. Unless you leave your kids with a nanny while you spend all day shopping at Bitchport in your Hummer. Then, not so much.

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tommy said...

Having spent a number of years working in "ToiletTown" (at REI), I do everything in my power to avoid going anywhere near Bridgeport Village nowadays. But the next time I'm drugged, kidnapped and thrown from a moving vehicle onto Lower Boone's Ferry Road, I'll keep Blue Tangerine in mind. Now Crate and Barrel... that place is just wack.

Diggin' the new look by the way. Awfully light shade of... whatever color it is... on the headlines, though. Kinda squinty, on my monitor, anyway. Just sayin' is all. Cheers!