March 16, 2008

Café Castagna (1758 SE Hawthorne St.)

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For so long I have been hearing on all the foodie discussion boards and blogs about how Café Castagna has the best burger in the city of Portland. A couple of weeks ago I decided to verify that statement.

And I declare: it's true. Thick, beefy burger cooked medium rare, with pickles that tasted homemade. It was delightful. And the mess of fries I got with it - crispy and thin. Just right.

I don't actually eat burgers very often because I don't find them to be a particularly interesting food. But when done right, they can be very tasty. And I found this to be extremely tasty.

I know some of you might be saying, "Wait a minute, missy! How can you say if this is the best burger in Portland when you just said you don't eat them very often?" And to you I say, Well, because it tasted better than any damn burger I have had pretty much anywhere, so in the world of Lizzy Dishes, I say it is the best.

My friend ordered the house-made Italian sausages - one very smooth, one not so much. Both of them very good. I can't describe the taste very well, because, well, the memory is blotted out by the memory of my burger. I do remember thinking that they were excellent, though.

I do remember the taste of the chocolate pot de creme that I ordered for dessert - a rich, dark chocolate with the mellowing touch of whipped cream, served with a fennel shortbread. A great finish to the meal. Sigh.

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LadyConcierge said...

Try Country Cat's the next time you're in a burger mood. I can't decide which one I like better!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Love the new look!

Sara said...

I would try Country Cat's if the memory of food poisoning wasn't so fresh in my mind...and other parts of my body. But I do love me a good hamburger.

Love the new look. But then it is gunmetal grey and green and cream. All things I love!

alyson. said...

hey! your banner looks great!

if I ate burgers or meat, I'd give this a shot. I used to chow down on some burgers back in the day.

Lori said...

I'm with you. Cafe Castagna is the BEST. I have tried the burger at Higgins, Lauro, Country Cat, Tabla, and probably a few other places and by far the most memorable is at CC.

I like your format but I can't see the headers that well (the grey/green is washed out). Any ideas?

Chelsea said...

This site never shows up right in Firefox. Try Internet Explorer if you can.