April 10, 2009

Talented and gifted.

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When I was 15, I remember hearing about the Middle East, poverty, war-torn countries. Did I think they were real? Eh. Not as real as the zit on my face. Or the rejection I felt from the boy I had a crush on.

Was I talented? Eh. I could play a sonata on the piano or write an overly dramatic story. But with the confidence and posture of a wet rag, I didn't really pursue any of my talents, or believe that they were real, anymore than those world tragedies I'd heard about.

Tonight I attended a benefit concert for Mercy Corps, put on by four kid bands from Portland. Seriously. These kids watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire and put a benefit together to help kids in underprivileged countries. And these kids are not 17 or 18. They are 7th, 8th and 9th graders. Can you imagine being so empowered, so confident and so talented at such a young age?

Oh. And these kids freaking rocked the Crystal Ballroom tonight. They were good! It was really fabulous to see whole families there, rocking out to kids covering Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Franz Ferdinand and even songs that the kids had written. I would go to see any of these bands play again at any venue and pay money. These kids have enormous talent and having the compassion and determination to use their gifts for good at such a young age... well, it's amazing.

Great job, guys. I think all of you are ROCK STARS.

Social Appetite - my cousin Nate plays in this band, and I have to say, they were my favorite!

The Vibrations
- four brothers, including a 4 year old, who, incidentally, ripped off his shirt on the last song.

Blind Einstein - stylish dudes - very entertaining.

Still Pending - their music is going to be in a movie. So cool!

P.S. The next time someone shakes their heads and says "Kids these days!" remind them that kids like this will be running our country someday. How awesome is that.


chelsea said...

wow.. nate's band sounds good!! (listened to their myspace)