April 3, 2009

Quick Product Review: Dulcet Sweet Orange Chile Mustard

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You see them at the Farmers' Market. You see their products in the grocery stores. But when do you ever want to spend $5.99 on mustard? Once you taste Dulcet's sweet orange chile mustard, you will want to.

Tonight I roasted sweet potato spears until crispy. Mixed two teaspoons of the sweet orange chile mustard with 1 teaspoon of mayo and then dipped the sweet potatoes in the deliciousness.

It's worth the $5.99 - really. I can't wait to make an awesome potato salad with it, or smear it on a turkey burger. Orangey with an underlying chile spice - not subtle, not in your face, confident in its flavors but fabulous and made here in Oregon. For those of you who don't live in Oregon, don't despair - you can buy this fabulous stuff in lots of fine food stores across the country.


chelsea said...

This sounds delicious!! I love the idea of product reviews! And the idea to put it on a burger! Yummy!!