March 18, 2009

Tap your compassion for some thirsty kids.

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A couple of years ago I walked a half marathon in hot weather. I was so freaking tired. And thirsty. My mouth was dry, my lips cracked. My throat hurt from the dryness of the air. What I would have given for a glass of water at that moment. Of course, when I finished the race, I had as much water as I wanted. But for many children, there is no water, no matter how thirsty they get. I can't imagine being in that thirsty state every day all day. Can you?

Millions of children go without clean, safe water every day. And even when you are here, in our lovely city of Portland, you can help bring clean, safe water to children in need all over the world through The Tap Project.

In many Portland restaurants, the week of March 22 - 28, you can pay $1 or more for the tap water that you normally get for free and that money will go to UNICEF to bring good water to these children who need it.

In these times, money is precious and not easily spent - but just once during that week, please, eat at one of the participating restaurants in Portland and add $1 to your bill for your tap water. One dollar will provide safe drinking water for one child for 40 days. Forty days. You can do that.