March 4, 2009

Identity Crisis. There's No Place Like Home?

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#1 Sustainable City
#1 Best City in America to Have a Baby
One of Travel + Leisure's Favorite Cities
#1 Unhappiest Cities in America (#1 for depression, #12 for suicide, 222 cloudy days)
#4 Bike-Friendly Cities
#3 Volunteer Rate Ranking in top 50 Cities
#2 Most Strip Clubs Per Capita (yes, we've fallen from #1)
#29 Best Cities for Singles
#2 Cooking Light Best City

I'm single and I recycle. But I'm pregnant and I'm alone, so I'm really depressed. I ride my bike in the rain through the throngs of tourists to the strip club and feel a little better, then stop at the market to pick up some healthy food to cook at home, after I volunteer at the soup kitchen. I'm glad I live in Portland.


Chelsea said...

hee hee funny

Love + Marriage said...

I lived in Portland for most of my life and moved to Seattle a few years ago and ever since I moved all I hear is Portland this and Portland that.
It isn't like I didn't know how good it was there but it just seems like everyone keeps rubbing my face in my bad decision.

Kim said...

Love + Marriage - Seattle has an obsession with Portland - but they would never admit that.

I lived there from '83 to '97 and it was the same way. I'll bet I saw pictures of MAX on the front page of one of the local papers 20 times while I lived there and I probably missed a few times. And, that is just MAX.

Seattle seems oddly fascinated with anything Portland and I'll bet it is because they know deep inside they don't come close to matching up. If both cities were human and I was Portland, I'd get a restraining order against creepy Seattle.

Don't forget - Portland also has the 3rd least manliest men :)

Kate The Great said...

And I haven't told you yet (totally not in that recent post of mine), but we want to live in the area. Eugene/Salem/Portland. We're not kidding ourselves; it'll take awhile. But eventually, I'll be browsing your archives because I'm looking for somewhere to eat during the weekend.

Meanwhile, we have a large umbrella, a large painting of people in a rainy park, and all sorts of hopes and dreams. We'll get there eventually.