March 22, 2009

A Jewel in the Freezer

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Have you tried Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches? Perfectly wonderful, handmade treats. Today I had the Dark Chocolate Cookie with Fresh Mint. The cookies are chewy and big. The ice cream is fresh and sweet.

I first discovered Ruby Jewel at the farmers' market and am delighted that they are now available at Zupan's, Whole Foods, New Seasons and Fred Meyer. You will never go back to those regular old ice cream sandwiches again.

With such flavors as Lemon with Honey Lavender, Double Chocolate Cookie with Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Chocolate Cookie with Espresso, why would you want anything else?


Sara said...

Yes, I have tried them. And yes, I love them too. They also sell them at Food Front on Thurman.

Jennifer said...

I saw these and the creator featured on the Food Netwrok!

Anonymous said...

They looks Absolutely delicious!!

Oakley Rhodes said...

I love these! I used to get a Lemon Lavender one every week at the market - so good!

Jenny P said...

I was just reading this post. Did we talk about these the other day? I think I told you that they had a table at the Portland Wine and Cheese showcase... We went back 4 times. :) Now I want to go to Whole Foods and get one for lunch!