March 14, 2009

I made it.

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1:00pm – Get home from work to quickly throw some things in my bag for my trip. Find house completely infested with flies. It was like the birds, only smaller flying things. Open windows and run around house like madwoman with broom, shooing out the flies and yelling at them to get out of my house.

1:30pm – Realize that I left my phone at my parents’ house. My sister takes off in my car to get my phone, promising to be back by 2, since my plane leaves at 3:30.

2:10pm – Sister honks, I run out with my luggage and we head to the airport.

2:40pm – Arrive at PDX after getting stuck in traffic.

2:45pm – Stand in Alaska airlines line 15 deep while ticket agent hosts reunion of former airline worker and several other employees, hugging, kissing cheeks and ignoring customers.

3:10 – Finally talk to the agent, clarify my questions, check my bag and head for security.

3:15 – Board tiny puddle jumper from Portland to Seattle.

4:08 - Arrive at SeaTac. Notice that they have a Crocs store. Crocs make high heels? I never knew.

4:10 - Wishing that I had time to indulge in the massages available at the airport. Seattle - you are better than I thought!

5:00 - Notice adorable family at gate with two adorable little boys, running and jumping all over the place. Awww, I say, almost audibly. Aren't they adorable!

5:20 – Am seated next to adorable family with two adorable little boys.

5:25 – Realize that boys may not be as adorable as previously thought.

5:28 – Flight attendant tells mother to put up the tray table for take off. Mother replies that the little boy won’t listen to her.

5:31 – Flight attendant tells mother to put the tray table up and buckle in the little boy. Mother reluctantly tells little boy to put the tray up. Boy screams.

5:32 – Mother tries to buckle boy in. Boy screams. Loud.

5:33 – Other little boy, seated in the row in front of me with father starts screaming for mommy.

5:35 – Father passes boy #2 to mother. Both boys scream.

5:38 - Plane takes off. Boys still screaming.

6:00 – In the midst of screaming and squirming, I ask the mother if I can help her. She says, yes, could you please trade seats with my husband? You betcha.

6:30 – Drown out screaming boys with personal DVD player ($5.00 rental from the airline) and watch The Secret Life of Bees.

6:35 – Begin crying in movie.

7:00 – Still crying in movie.

8:30 – Still crying.

Sometime between 8:30 and 11:00pm – Time change takes effect. It’s two hours later. The flight attendant announces that it’s about to get really bumpy. I have panic attack and force myself to listen to calm music while deep breathing for the last hour of the flight.

11:30 – Land at DFW. Make my way to baggage claim. Hug my friend Amie. Wait for luggage.

11:45 – Still waiting for luggage. Baggage turn thingy starts sputtering and turning slowly. Multiple people attempt to reboot it. Doesn’t work.

11:55 – Airport staff announce that they are moving baggage to another thingy.

12:00 on the dot – Thingy starts turning. (Friday the 13th is over!)

12:15 – Got my luggage!

12:30 – Taco Bell for dinner on the way to Amie’s house.

1:30 – Finally in bed and feeling a little sick from Taco Bell. Am pretty freaking tired.


Chelsea said...

Oh heavens this made me laugh out loud!! And I am drooling over the food in the post after this.. Texas here I come!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Taco Bell - so traditional!