September 22, 2008

Thank Heavens I Burned My Diaries

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I went to a Mortified show this past weekend. It was hilarious. Real people reading from their real teenage diaries - truly natural humor. Only one of them seemed bitter. She was so bitter that she wasn't funny. But the other 5 or so readers were a kick in the pants.

I especially liked the girl who spliced her boyfriend's voice mails into George Michael's I Want Your Sex. Oh and the girl who was an exchange student and wrote one diary for her exchange program (We went sight seeing today and it was fun!) and one diary for herself (My host brother is so hot!)

I believe they said that they have an upcoming show in November, but it's not listed on their website yet. Keep an eye open, though - you won't want to miss a chance to reminisce about braces, first kisses and acne.