September 14, 2008

Dining with Alfred

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I'm having a dinner party this coming weekend. It will involve dismemberment, stalking, voyeurism and of course some excellent cuisine. We're watching the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece from 1954, Rear Window. Everyone is bringing something that relates to the movie.

I thought chicken wings would be good, dismembered from a chicken. One of my friends thought that he would bring pigs in a blanket, as a nod to James Stewart being in a cast the whole movie. For the main course, I am going to make marinated flank steak and mashed potatoes, a twist on Alfred Hitchcock's favorite meal. Of course, anything served in a hat box would be appropriate.

Do you have any favorite movie/food pairings?


todd said...

This sounds awesome.

I've seen Rear Window once, and liked it, but don't remember enough about it to bring anything that's actually apropos. I'd probably just end up bringing wine, to go with all of that stuff. :)

As far as a favorite movie/food pairing. . .a tomato/basil/mascarpone salad would go well with Amelie. . .