September 7, 2008

MFNW Day #4: Mimicking Birds, Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes

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I can't believe I did it. I went to Musicfest NW 4 days in a row. I am officially music-ed out. But I'd say that we saw some pretty great shows. And last night was no exception.

We went to the Crystal Ballroom again. Mimicking Birds were playing when we got there. They were good, catchy and I quite enjoyed it. They were rather mellow - which was good for the mood I was in. I would definitely go see them again.

Then came Blitzen Trapper was some serious rock. The bench that I was sitting on became a massage chair of sorts as the vibrations from the bass and the percussion ran up and down my back.

Luckily, Mimicking Birds and Blitzen Trapper are both from Portland, and I'm looking forward to seeing them perform longer sets so I can get to know them more.

Verdict: Definitely.

I heard a bunch of buzz about Fleet Foxes just a couple of days before the show last night, though I had never heard their music before. Everyone said they are amazing. But they were better than that. The harmony and quality of sound was really really good. Their music was complex and rich and one of the few bands I saw this week that I would purchase an album from without hearing more. I'm pretty sure their album is going to rock.

Verdict: Can't wait to hear more!

We were too tired to stick around for Menomena and Helio Sequence. I've heard Menomena before and they are pretty good. Helio Sequence - haven't seen them. I'll have to check them out next time they're in town.

It's been quite a busy week. I've enjoyed getting to know more music and hearing some new stuff. I've loved the people watching and the bartender at the Crystal, who always put two limes in my diet Coke instead of the usual one.


Chelsea said...

sad very sad to have missed the entire festival.

PDX Livin said...

You left at the wrong time. Menomena and Helio Sequence really rocked the place. The last song was when both bands were on stage and played, "Keep Your Eyes Ahead" by Helio Sequence. Both drummers at the floorboards bouncing. What a great show.