September 5, 2008

MFNW Day #3: Lackthereof, John Vanderslice, and Vampire Weekend

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I am getting tired. The sound of silence is sweet at this late hour. I'm not sure, but I think I am getting burned out on live music on this the third day of my musical venture into Musicfest NW! At this moment, if I hear one more note of music, I might throw up.

I arrived at the Crystal Ballroom shortly after 8 tonight. We got in and got our seats in the back corner of the 21+ side. Thank heavens. For the next two hours, I zoned out. I had earplugs to dull the bleeding in my ears. (Please don't be alarmed. There wasn't actual blood. That I could see anyway.)

I wish I could give you a review of the first two bands (Lackthereof and John Vanderslice). But I can't really remember them. Except that they were both really loud. And I didn't really care about either one.

Verdict: Your guess is as good as mine.

By the time Vampire Weekend came on, I was ready for bed. Why does music wear me out so terribly? Perhaps it's the compulsion to stay up late and blog about it three nights in a row. Hmmm. That might be it.

I woke up though as they started singing. Don't laugh, but from where I was standing, I swear when the drummer smiled I could see a sparkle coming from his teeth. Like in an Orbit gum commercial. That was enjoyable, even if it was an illusion.

Vampire Weekend's music can only be described by words ending in y, like happy or poppy. Right as they started playing their last song, Ansley turned to me and said with a smile: "I like this song. But it has swears in it!" Oh that makes me like it even better, I thought to myself. It was called Oxford Comma. I've since read the lyrics. And I like it very much. Very much indeed. I do love a smartie with a guitar.

Verdict: Gimme more.

Tomorrow: Can't really fathom spending another evening at the Crystal, though that's what the plans are, to see Menomena, Fleet Foxes and The Helio Sequence. Some part of me, though, wants to park it at the Doug Fir all night and listen to the mellow music of Weinland, Matt Sheehy and Loch Lomond. That sounds nice.


Sara said...

Sounds like Vampire Weekend was exactly as I expected. I would opt for Helio Sequence, but that is because I like them a lot and they are a little more up tempo than Loch Lomond for a headlining least for my ears.

Ellen said...

I agree. Music can get exhausting night after night. But I'm loving the reviews.

I really wish I could have seen VW. Oxford Comma is a great f*&%ing song, lol. Though I prefer "Blake's Got a New Face" and "Walcott". In fact, "Walcott" is my MOST favorite!

Also wish I could've seen M. Ward.

And I SOOO want to see Fleet Foxes in concert. I've had their CD on non-stop all week! Good stuff.

todd said...

re: Crystal vs. Doug Fir

Tough choice.

Matt Sheehy is frickin' awesome. I haven't been able to stop listening to his CD since I got it.

But then, Menomena are amazing too. Lackthereof, incidentally, is the drummer from Menomena's side project, where he sings and plays guitar. If anybody happened to yell anything about Menomena at the show you saw, that'd be why. :)