July 20, 2008

Steal My Kisses, Please.

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A recent discussion of best Hollywood kisses yielded this list:

Stranger Than Fiction

Little Women (My sisters and I used to watch this in slow motion, just to see the saliva)

Some Kind of Wonderful

Ally McBeal (okay, this isn't an actual kiss, but it is one of the best romantic scenes on television. Robert Downey, Jr. + Sting singing Every Breath You Take)

The Whole Wide World (Forget Criminal Intent. This is the Vincent D'onofrio that I love. If you haven't seen this movie, you definitely should. Be sure to bring Kleenex.)

Bridget Jones (Hello. Colin Firth.)

Rear Window (Grace Kelly is perfect. Damn her.)

From Here to Eternity

Freaks and Geeks (Spin the Bottle)

What are your favorite Hollywood kisses?


Karla said...

I hav 2 add another Colin Firth from "Love Actually"...when "Jamie" asks "Aurelia" to marry him. Kiss is great and the family gets in on the act.

Karla said...

Forgot to leave video link:

BTW, nice conversational topic :)

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Those are all good ones. I also love the Room with a View kiss in the field.


And I'm embarrassed to admit that I love The Jerk and always tell people about the oil cans being shot just like the geek was in the Freaks and Geeks clip.

Chelsea said...

I miss Ally and I miss the 90's:)