July 21, 2008

Have a Cup of Discount with Your Scalp Massage.

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Went to SE Hawthorne the other night to get my hair done by one, Simon Ho at DOSHA on Hawthorne. Lovely - no more long, stringy, hair. Haircut (including scalp massage) + product for my hair = $80. Yikes. (Totally worth it.)

Ate Chicken Chipotle salad at Cup and Saucer Cafe. Good inexpensive, flavorful salad. Strange service, with a staring waiter. But I distracted myself by facing the window, entranced by all the diversity that wanders SE Hawthorne at night.

Oh snap. Need a new purse. Mine is ragged. Crossroads Trading Company was still open. Great selection of name brand handbags. I fell in love with a smart purple bag with buckles. Granny or hip? Don't care. I'm getting it anyway. Heavy, real, purple leather. This will last me a long time. $25. That's a bargain.

My hair is cut, massaged and product filled. My new purse is shiny and purple. My stomach is full. Hawthorne served me well.

Crossroads Trading Company
3736 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

3490 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

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Chelsea said...

I knew your hair looked different! It looks really good sorry I didn't say anything.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I meant to say something at dinner on Sat. It really does look nice. Always good to have those last few scraggly inches cut off.

Oakley Rhodes said...

God, I love Dosha scalp massages. Sometimes I need to indulge after a few bad haircuts down at Bishops. I've been growing my hair own for a few months and should probably take care of that again... Dosha, here I come!