June 20, 2007

Industrial Cafe and Saloon (2572 NW Vaughn St)

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The name does not sound appetizing. Industrial. Not really a word I think of in the same thought as "yum". But the name got me there because I wanted to see what an Industrial Cafe looked like. It was very industrial-y. And cool looking.

Even the silverware was cool looking - Army Surplus silverware. The waitress was very friendly. We ordered ham and cheddar fritters to start out with. They were crunchy on the outside and moist and cheesy on the inside. They were little stars in my book.

The Industrial Menu was mouth watering. There were so many homey selections, it was hard to choose just which comfort food was going to soothe my soul. I settled on the meatloaf. My friends ordered lovely things like chipped beef on toast, reuben sandwich, meatloaf sandwich and chicken pot pie.

The meatloaf was not dry, it was firm and a little spicy and just moist enough. The mashed potatoes were a little chunky and buttery, just like when I make them at home (which I haven't done in a while - just doesn't seem like a warm weather dish!) and the green beans were so delicious - crunchy and fresh with just a little bit of seasoning on them. I think they were my favorite part of my dinner!

So for dessert, everyone at my table ordered chocolate bread pudding, except me. I ordered grilled pineapple shortcake. It was tangy and sweet and I could only eat half of it because I was so full. But it was really tasty. The bread pudding must have been good, too, because I think everyone cleaned their plates.

I don't want to write a cheesy ending line like "Industrial Cafe has industrial strength comfort food." But, I simply don't know what else to say. I love this place. It's pretty cheap, too. Meatloaf dinner only $10. That's a bargain.