June 12, 2007

Da Rib Shack (3503 N. Mississippi)

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A couple of weeks ago, my friend Kristin and I went to N. Mississippi to listen to some music at Mississippi Pizza Pub (review coming!). We parked right in front of this sign. When we got out of the car, the smell of barbeque hooked me and almost overcame me to the point of being forced over to the little cart that was set up. However, we were going to meet friends to eat pizza, so no barbeque that night.

My sister and I headed over there on Saturday night, once again to listen to music. This time, as we passed the little white cart with three barbeques surrounding it, we succumbed to the addictive aroma of Southern joy. They were already closed, but the man inside the cart said he would fix us a sandwich anyway. A beef brisket sandwich. He flipped the meat and the sauce around in a pan, right there in front of us, then poured it on some thick yellow Texas toast bread.

The sauce was thick, red, sweet and sticky - exactly like barbeque should be. After a couple of bites, I had to use a fork because otherwise, the sandwich would have fallen all over me. It was delicious. We got a copy of the menu that will be in full effect next week, after their grand opening. It includes such things as catfish, red snapper with creole sauce, Louisiana salad, black-eyed peas, vegan collard greens, jerk chicken, sweet potato cheesecake, and on Louisiana Saturday, they have a Ja-Ballin (shrimp and talapia) Po'Boy.

This place is gold. Their Grand Opening is on June 19th. I'm telling you, you walk by and if that aroma doesn't grab you by the throat and force you to eat barbeque, then there's probably something wrong with you. I'm just saying.

Hours: Tue - Thurs 12 noon - 7 pm, Fri - Sat, 12 Noon - until close


Sara McOllie said...

I always like a good bbq place. Most of the good ones that I know about are all outer eastside, so its nice to get a review of one closer to home.

extramsg said...

I tried them for the first time today. I thought they were decent, but not especially good. The primary problem is that the BBQ isn't coming off the pit fresh. The ribs were sitting. But the ribs were still decent and I do like their sauce, which has a strong mix of ketchup and molasses with a hit of vinegar, I suspect. Try Podnah's, though, it's the true gold standard for Portland BBQ.