May 28, 2007

Waitress (Fox Tower Cinemas)

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I am a sucker for tragedy. It magnetically pulls me in as I read the headlines, looking for any new developments and I become addicted. To CNN, KOIN, KATU, KGW, wherever I can find information. I click and click and click on their websites until I get something new.

Last year, I briefly was addicted to the story of Adrienne Shelly. She was a writer and director of films, working on her most recent work, Waitress, at the time of her death. Her husband found her, after she apparently committed suicide. Police later charged a construction worker with her murder. She was young - only 40 and had a 2-year-old daughter.

I saw interviews with Keri Russell and Cheryl Hines, who co-starred in Waitress with Adrienne Shelly. They said what an incredible movie it was and that Adrienne was amazing and a great filmmaker and that they would miss her terribly. I had never heard of Adrienne Shelly before she was murdered. Which makes me sad. And also makes me feel a little bit shallow that this tragedy is really the reason that I wanted to see Waitress.

I saw Waitress this weekend. I cried because the movie was touching, sad and inspiring. I laughed because the movie was hilarious, touching, sad and inspiring. I wanted to clap when it was over. I wanted to clap for Keri Russell, who did a great job and I wanted to clap for her character, who was so strong, and I wanted to clap for Andy Griffith because in this movie, he made me want to be a waitress who waits on gumpy old rich men and I wanted to clap for Adrienne Shelly because she wrote such a good story and in the movie she portrays an endearing, nerdy, lovely person and it just seems like that's the kind of person she was in real life. A lovely person, who wrote a lovely movie that made me laugh. And cry.

Tragedy or no tragedy, Waitress is a good film. It ties sadness and joy with baking pies. Which I can totally relate to.


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