May 14, 2007

Fir Point Farms (14601 Arndt Road, Aurora)

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Every day on my way to and from work, I drive past this farm and plan imaginary recipes in my head as I see the signs for asparagus, rhubarb and other local produce.

I have been fantasizing about rhubarb for sometime now, and decided to take the plunge when I got assigned dessert for Mother's Day dinner. I stopped by Fir Point Farms and wandered through their beautiful, bright, fresh local produce. Rhubarb was only $1.89 a pound, much cheaper and prettier than the $2.99 a pound at Safeway. I picked up six (!) pounds of rhubarb and headed for the checkout.

"What are you making with all this rhubarb?" The check out lady was friendly. I told her what I was making. "My goodness! I'll be looking for you on the Food Network!" Rhubarb + a boost to my ego = $12.00. What a bargain.

This is what I made: Lemon Rhubarb Trifle with Pistachio Brittle. My family loved it and although I don't think I'm headed for the Food Network, I may actually write this recipe down. Cookbooks are more my style.


Sara McOllie said...

Hopefully you will post the recipe on the Clean Plate Club. I love trifle and have a friend who always has extra rhubarb.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

This sounds delightful, so different that a normal trifle or that one on Friends with jam, pudding, and meat.