May 21, 2007

Bernie's Southern Bistro (2904 NE Alberta St.)

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A while ago, my friends and I were in search of some good appetizers while wandering Alberta St. Bernie's Southern Bistro struck us as a good kind of appetizer place.

We had (each ordered our own): hushpuppies, fried dill pickles, spinach cakes, crawfish cakes and fried green tomatoes. Everything was fried. EVERYTHING.

It tasted really good (did I mention that everything was fried?) and I did not get sick afterwards (logically I should have).

Therefore I must give Bernie's a thumbs up. Oh and they also had a questionable picture of Tom Potter hanging right by the bathrooms. That was odd.


Chelsea said...

The best fried pickles ever...and in my favorite neighborhood.

SteamyKitchen said...

I've eaten weird thing in my life but never fried dill pickles. did you like?

Lizzy said...

Oh yes, they were delicious. Portland actually has two places that serve fried pickles. Fire on the Mountain fries dill spears and then Bernie's fries dill chips. I liked the smaller chips better. Much easier to eat and a little crunchier than the spears.

Anonymous said...

that wasn't Tom Potter in the painting, it was a political statement the artist made regarding John Ashcroft's disdain at the 100 y.o. statue "Lady Liberty", in the Federal Justice dept., in which her breasts are exposed, and he required it to be covered up because he felt the nudity was "inappropriate".