September 27, 2009

The Virgin Traveler: I leave and take a trip. Overseas.

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I didn't have access to the internet for almost 36 hours! Traumatizing! Here are the tweets and Facebook status updates I would have posted, if I had been able (in chronological order.)

I'm on the plane! First to Chicago. Five hour flight. Not bad!


Wish we had time to go find real Chicago pizza instead of this crappy little Italian joint.

The pizza at this restaurant is not good, unless you douse it with olive oil and all that crap they just gave us to put on the bread.

This plane is a freaking big-ass plane. And all the Lufthansa staff are pretty. Even the men.

WHAT. They give you hot towels? I love the Germans!

The food on the international flight is better. Also. They don't make you pay for goldfish crackers. Or alcohol.

Pretty sure if I don't get off this plane in the next five minutes, I'm going to have a meltdown.

Just watched My Life in Ruins. That movie sucks. But yay for Greece!

Pretty sure if I don't get off this plane in the next five minutes, I'm going to have a meltdown.

My butt is bruised. I'm certain. Also, my feet hurt. Also, I smell and haven't showered in 24 hours.

I just got my very first stamp in my passport!

At the Dusseldorf Airport. I feel like everyone is talking about me when they talk in German.

We can't check in to our flight to Athens for two hours. We are trying to sleep, but it's not working.

Also. Germans bring their dogs with them to the airport. There are lots of little dogs running around. Also the police carry machine guns.

Eating a bratwurst and a coca-cola light.

I can't get on another plane, I can't get on another plane. I think I'll vacation in Dusseldorf instead.

I'm on another plane.

Smashed between a Greek man and Jen. It's hot. And I don't mean in a sexy way.

Hey you guys. The Greek soccer team is on our flight. This makes our flight hot in a sexy way.

Accidentally took the Greek man's water. I apologized and we clinked glasses as he said "Cheers!"

Just told the Greek man about my trip. "You have planned a trip that only the Americans can plan. I am very jealous!"

Greek man approves of our three days in Athens, two weeks on Crete plan. Very smart, he said.

Flying over the Bavaraian Alps. Wish I had my camera accesible. OMG. I AM IN EUROPE.

Trying not to cry because I can't believe I am finally going to Greece. Also. It's very hot on this plane and I might not make it.

Aegean Airlines gives you a full-out meal on a 2.5 hour flight. Pasta w/ peas, crackers, roll with Happy Cow cheese and chocolate cake!

Pretty sure if I don't get off this plane in the next five minutes, I'm going to jump off. My butt is bruised (still) and it is hot. Very very hot.

OMG I just turned to Jen and said, "would it be inappropriate to cheer when we land?" And then we landed and everyone clapped!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Greece.

On the metro to downtown Athens. I keep falling asleep. This is not good.

We are lost in downtown Athens trying to find our hotel.

Just asked a policeman where our hotel was. He said, "That is very bad part of town, who told you to stay there, the internet?"

Walked past several good looking hookers, but we found our hotel! And we were not molested! And it's not a total dump. We just can't go outside after 10 at night.

So tired. Finally took a shower and my feet, legs, head, face and hair are throbbing.

Holy cow. I am in Greece! Will try not to spontaneously cry, but tears keep falling down my face because I have wanted to come here for so long. Must. Not. Cry.

Had 7-Up from the bar. Feel like I might fall over.

Twitpic: View from our hotel balcony overlooking the sketchy part of town.

Good night, Athens!


~ jen said...

I'm glad you're there. Greek soccer team, huh. Nice.

Rebecca said...

Hilarious!! Love it and I know you will have the best time when you come to. On my airline, passengers always clapped on landing like they were surprised we made it! sometimes they had a right to be...

On the way back, have a hot dog in Chicago not Italian. And I'm not sure there is a good area in Athens...Could be wrong. Keep up the great reports and have fun!

michelle said...

I'm so happy for you! Enjoying the travel recap!

Have a wonderful time! :)

ps: take pics of the food!!!

LeLo said...

Go Lizzy! This is fantastic already: can't wait to read what you're up to next...

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Staying in a part of town that's "a bit dodgy" makes for the best stories. Can't wait for more!

Rhea said...

Congrats Elizabeth! Hope you have a truly wonderful trip. Can't wait for more posts.

Erica said...

I love it!! Have tons of fun...

Bria said...

You are funnneeee!!! I finally got to catch up on your trip while scarfing a sandwich in front of my computer and I might have snorted an olive particle from my muffalata while laughing!

What a wonderful trip and travelogue...Looking forward to following the next adventure.