September 7, 2009

Apology Photos

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I have been a terrible blogger of late! So sorry. I'm afraid the next couple of weeks don't look much better. I've just moved this past weekend and am staying with my parents for the next two and a half weeks before I leave for Greece. And, as the HR manager of a plant that is shutting its doors in the next two months, I have pretty much been stressed out of my mind and unable to write anything good by the time I get home at night.

So. I'm leaving you with some pictures that I managed to photograph at some recent meals. I promise I'll go back and do real write-ups as soon as I can. I'll be writing hopefully every day from Greece, with all my adventures, which will include good food, handsome Greek men and carefree happiness.

Thanks for your patience, dear readers!

1. Lamb + kale gratin at Nel Centro
2. Sausage + eggs + potatoes + toast at Stepping Stone Cafe
3. Caprese Salad at Caffe Mingo
4. Bucatini + meatballs, at Nel Centro


Sara said...

Ooh, bucatini + meatballs. Just looking at the photo reminds me of how good that meal was!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the really good food reviews.

You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Portland community