September 14, 2009

Preview of Coming Attractions

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First I'm going here:


Then I'm going here:

Then I'm going here:


And the whole time I'll be enjoying food like this lovely man writes about. The adventure begins in eleven days.


Ritika said...

hey i am a regular at you blog..and i am so, so jealous of you for being able to travel to all those exotic places and eat all that good stuff. btw I am from Calcutta, India, and our food will delight you.

Sara said...

YIPPPEEE!!!! You are going to have a blast!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I can't believe it's so close now! Can't wait to here your fun stories! Wish I was still your roommate for all the inspired cooking you will do when you return.

Karla said...

So happy for you- and jealous! Me and 50,000 people went to the Greek festival in SLC last weekend. I was thinking of you and what wonderful experiences await. I am excited to hear your stories!

Cindy Anderson said...

You are going to LOVE it!! There are only good things to say about the Greek Islands. You'll be shocked at how delicious the food is and with such gorgeous surroundings! Have a spectacular trip!!