August 17, 2009

Five Guys and a Matinee

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Whoa. Today was all kinds of stress. Intense four hours at work, then leaving early. The stress devoured the bagel sitting in my stomach from breakfast and I was starving. Well, you know, as starving as a girl like me can get. I was meeting a friend at the Cedar Hills movie theater in Beaverton. It's one of my favorites because they serve good popcorn there - Orville Redenbacher - and also they serve Dreyer's ice cream. And also. Their seats are awesome.

I stopped at Five Guys Burgers and Fries on my way to the theater. I walked in and it was a little bit of a circus. Bright red and white decor, with awards plastered on the wall for best burger, best family restaurant, etc.. Bags of potatoes were stacked on the floor and the place was filled with the torsos of the people they always feature on the news in stories about overweight America. (I include myself in that description.)

I ordered the Little Cheeseburger, because I have never been fond of two patty burgers. Also. I hate the word patty. I also ordered fries because there was a chalkboard near the counter that said: "Today's Fries came from: Quincy, Washington." I wanted to taste the Quincy Fries.

All their burger toppings are free and I had them put mayo, mustard, ketchup, onions and pickles on mine. That, to me, is a perfect burger.

I watched them flip and assemble the burgers, but my attention was mostly focused on the fries. They fill up a cup of fries, put it in the bag, then dump another scoop on top of the burger and fries in the bag. Totally excessive. But I don't think that bothered even one patron I saw, as the bags lay ripped open on the tables like the bodice of a heroine from one of those grocery store romance novels, ravaged by Fabio as the fries were ravaged by Five Guys customers.

My burger was messy. With processed cheese hiding any view of the condiments and smashed flat, it looked like a comfort food dream. There was a lack of pickles. I think there were only two. But it was very saucy, which I like and the beef tasted good enough. It was juicy, which I was worried about when I saw the sign that said they cook all their burgers well-done.

The fries were perfect. They tasted fresh. I don't think they are frozen - they were damn good - crispy and creamy on the inside. I ravaged them.

Then I went and saw District 9. I nearly lost my lunch on multiple occasions while watching. But I fought to keep my lunch in, as I enjoyed it way to much to lose it on aliens.

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Take-a-Wipf said...

Oh I totally would have met you at Five Guys. The first time I went I thought it was cool that they had all these articles and awards from Washington news papers and magazines. I thought it must be a local chain. It wasn't until later that I realized all the news papers were from D.C. not Wash. State.

Another point to make about their fries is that they taste like russet potatoes. What else would they taste like you ask? Think about other fries out there, they all have a flavor. These just have a very strong potato flavor. Which is good.

Oh you also left out that they have open barrels of peanuts you can munch on while you wait.

Jon said...

Yeah, the fries there are DELICIOUS! I also saw District 9 this weekend. I felt a little bit traumatized afterwards. There are definitely things in there to aide you in losing your dinner.