August 10, 2009

The Non-Snobby Nob Hill Bar and Grill

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Nob Hill Bar and Grill does not match it's name. In the midst of the pretentiousness on NW 23rd Avenue, the visibly older establishment unashamedly invites the average person in for a bite. Being entirely average on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I found myself wandering through their doors.

There were a couple of people at the bar. At first glance, they might have been homeless. (Twenty-third Avenue, despite it's desire for the wealthy pocketbooks, also attracts many without pocketbooks at all.) At second glance, they were probably just regular people, albeit not the 23rd crowd of high maintenance with white pants with red heels and a constantly tossing bleached head of hair on an overtanned body.

I found a corner table and focused on a car race on the tv. The walls within my sight were covered with CitySearch awards for the best burger, and I could see an older gentleman, with glasses at the end of his nose flipping burgers in the kitchen.

The waitress, friendly and smiley, asked me for my order. I went for the BLT. That's what I order when I feel like being healthy. (Blah blah fatty mayo and bacon. Can't hear you. It's totally healthy.)

My sandwich came out within 10 minutes. And it was really quite good. Layers of crunchy lettuce, juicy tomatoes and thick bacon with a simple layer of mayo and nothing else, on toasted sourdough. Just the way I like it. No fussy, fancy ingredients, just simple, crunchy, salty goodness.

The fries were a different story. Some of them translucent from the oil they were fried in, they were greasy and chalky tasting. Next time, I'll get the chips. Yes. There will be a next time. I have to taste their award-winning burger.

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chelsea said...

YUM!!! OK you are making me hungry!!

Chef John J. Goddard said...

I just had the burger for the first time the other night after living in the neighborhood for over a year. It's pretty good. Nothing fancy or ambitious, just a well-prepared, cut-to-the-chase burger for not much money.

I certainly don't dispute the fanciness of a lot of people who shop on 23rd, but the people I know who live in this 'hood are pretty down-to-earth. Some of them are even kinda cool.

Lizzy said...

You're right, Chef John - there are some cool people who live in the hood, including me! :) Thanks for the comment!

Sabrina Miller said...

I heart Nob Hill Bar and Grill and YES! You have to go back there to get their burger! Completely worth it in every aspect. I agree with you about the fries, nothing special and always needs either more salt or seasoning of some sort. Not a big fan of their fries.

I try to make it a point to go there every couple months or so, haven't ever had anything bad on the menu. The dinner options are nice too!

RobertWagner said...

Their fries suck. If you really need something good to compliment your burger, then I would suggest...

a second burger.