December 8, 2008

Bacon + Apples = You are Jealous

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I went to Lincoln on Friday night and had their Bacon Apple Pie on the first night they were serving it. It was quite nice. A bit steeply priced ($15!), but it is sized for two, so okay.

It's kind of like a crisp, with bacon on top, and served with the most homemade tasting vanilla ice cream, fresh and palette cleansing.

You know you are jealous. But there's really no need to succumb to those feelings. You just need to go have your own individual experience with Bacon Apple Pie - they are serving it through the end of the year. And then, you can make other people jealous instead of being jealous yourself. Isn't that dandy?

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Kate The Great said...

No, dear Lizzy. I'm not jealous. I had Bacon Pie for Thanksgiving. My aunt's family thinks that the pie portion of Thanksgiving is primary, while the main course of everything else is secondary. They had a pie for every head there, and some of the heads were up to my knees.

It was heaven. And the bacon-apple pie was the star of it all. I had two slices, which is saying a lot since I knew I'd have three Thanksgivings that day.