April 16, 2008

So Long, Farewell

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Today was my last day at my job in Canby. And I feel a little nostalgic, though I've only been working there for a year and a half. And I really feel the need to give a shout out to the ONLY good place to eat in Canby. Tres Cafe.

They have the best BLT - one that I've fallen on my face for as I tried to keep it from tumbling out of my hands. They know my name when I come in. Their service is impeccable, and their menu consistently good. They are hard working people who really give it their all. And I just want to say. Thank you for making my stay in Canby worth it - if you only knew how many times your crisp, fresh sandwiches and your tangy pasta salads put some real pleasure in my day.

Wow I'm sappy tonight - but truly - shout out to Tres Cafe. Go visit them if you ever get to Canby.

Tres Cafe
243 NW 2nd Ave.
Canby, OR

Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm
Saturday 8am - 2:30pm