April 27, 2008

Best Review I've Heard in a Long Long Long Time

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My sister recently got back from a trip to Utah, where she ate at TGIFriday's. She was telling me about it... something like, "I've only been to TGIFriday's twice and both times the food has literally tasted like poop."

Have you heard/seen the new TGIFriday's commercials with Guy Fieri? Obnoxious. I haven't been to one of those restaurants since I was in college. I'd like to keep that memory fading.


Karla G said...

OHhhh the insanity of chain restaurants! Please tell your sister that I have a list of great, local restaurants for her next trip to SLC. Em's is lovely family restaurant. Settebello is fantastic pizza...like the one you mentioned. and so much more...just ask!!