April 21, 2008


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I have been eating out. A lot. And not writing a damn word. And then the memories get all mixed up and I can't recall with much clarity what went down.

Here are some highlights that I do remember:

Meatloaf at Kenny and Zuke's. De-light-ful.
Chicken Wings at Muu Muu's. Ordinary. Spicy.
Crab/Seafood Cakes at Henry's. Eh.
Cervelle de Canut at Carafe. (Goat cheese on toasted walnut bread.) A little goat cheesy, but good.
Seco a la Nortena at Andina. Unbelieveably savory and filling and comfortable like an old sweater.

And on that note, I'm headed off to sleep in my old sweater of a memory. I promise more exciting and detailed reviews in the very near future. Peace out.