January 6, 2008

Por Que No (3524 N. Mississippi Ave.)

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Why not? A tiny little taco joint on North Mississippi, is casual, homey and inviting. Full of people, you kind of have to finagle a table in a bit of a contest with the other patrons. "I think those people that just came in are about to snag that table - you might want to grab it." The woman taking our order at the counter was looking out for us.

We firmly but politely told the other patrons that we had been waiting for a table. They obliged and waited their turn. The server brought us our guacamole, which looked remarkably just like mashed up avocados, but had a spice and a salt that surprised me because it just looked so.... green.

Three tacos. In homemade tortillas. Chicken. Beef. Veggie. All spicy, warm, fresh and simple. Queso fresco. Cilantro. Salsa. Tender meat. Colorful vegetables. To me, it was about 6 bites of heaven. (I was really hungry.)

I need to go back and savor.

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Chelsea said...

I was impressed and it's not often I am impressed with Mexican food in Portland.

todd said...

This wouldn't happen to be Por Que No, by any chance, would it? Cause that place RULES.

Lizzy said...

Yes, Por Que No. Love that place. I have found that Firefox somehow eliminates the titles from my posts - is that what happened? I will have to see what I can do about that!