January 10, 2008

Lovely Hula Hands (4057 N. Mississippi)

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To celebrate the new year, my sister Chelsea and rooomate Kristin and I ventured to Lovely Hula Hands. This was a going all out dinner - appetizers, entrees, desserts - no matter the price. I love those kinds of dinners because I get to taste so many more things!

So first of all, the space is small but the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. Light curtains maintain the dining room space separate from the entry way and I felt at home.

Appetizers. Cracked oregon dungeness crab with paprika butter was lovely, buttery and just spicy enough. The rosemary foccacia with olive oil was perfect - a little salt, a little rosemary and a little olive oil.

Dinner. Remember how I used to not be a big fan of seafood? I can't believe I ever doubted. I ordered the pan-fried grouper with meyer lemon and olive topping, with spinach and crispy fingerling potatoes. The fish - buttery and slightly crispy - flaked off in chunks with a mellow flavor, ready for the lemon and olive to dress it up. Oh. My. Word. So good.

Kristin had the sonoma county duck legs braised with red wine, pork belly and dried cherries, served with sautéed greens and mashed celery root and potatoes, which was tender and tasted perfect with all the flavors at once.

Chelsea had polenta, creamy and mild with mushrooms. The epitome of comfort food. Again, a winner!

Dessert. I ordered the grape sorbet with blue cheese and peanut brittle. This was a good dessert to build - a little peanut brittle with a little sorbet on top and then some blue cheese on top of that. Delicious. We also had the chocolate beignets with coffee ice cream. The hot chocolate we ordered was not too sweet, but just chocolate enough to top off our evening.

Happy New Year, all my faithful readers!

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chelsea said...

I am curious to know how big the upstairs is. I just loved the decor.. and the food really is in my top 10 now.

todd said...

And HNY2U2!


LadyConcierge said...

Okay, this is moving up my list...I've wanted to try it for ages. Thanks for the great report!