January 31, 2008

Helser's (1538 NE Alberta)

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Their specials sounded fantastic. Helser's on Alberta smelled delightful. The waitress said that she really liked the eggs benedict with ham, so that's what I ordered.

My friends ordered eggs, sausage and potato pancakes. I stared at the other patrons as they were eating their food. I was really hungry.

I have been wanting to eat here since I read LadyConcierge's review back in November.

After a good long wait for our food, we finally got it. It all looked perfect. But my eggs benedict were lukewarm. The crumpet they were resting on was dry, the edges soggy from hollandaise. Maybe I'm just not used to crumpets. One of the eggs was overcooked and solid, not like a usual eggs benedict where the yolk runs into the hollandaise sauce and swirls together to make a perfect sauce for the ham and bread.

I did really enjoy the potatoes, though. They were crispy and in flaky chunks with perfect seasoning and onions. They were stellar. And the pears were crispy and fresh and definitely a good finish for a heavy-ish breakfast, light and sweet.

My friends loved their food. I just didn't love my eggs benedict. I think maybe I need to go again and give it another shot - the food was too pretty not to be good. Maybe it was just an off morning.

Stay tuned for Helser's: episode 2.

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Sara said...

I am curious to hear what you think after Part 2. My sister and mom eat here whenever they get together for brunch, but then it is also really close to my sister's house.