October 18, 2007

Write Around Portland (917 SW Oak St.)

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I had a fabulous fundraising party this past weekend. I've written about Write Around Portland before and really - I can't say enough about it. I love it.

They provide free creative writing workshops for people who might not otherwise have access to the power of writing and community. I have facilitated workshops for incarcerated women, domestic violence survivors and veterans with PTSD. Each one has been inspiring and motivating. Everyone is a writer, no matter their circumstance.

You can be whoever you want to be, go wherever you want to go when you are writing. Writing allows this kind of powerful freedom that you can't get anywhere else. And imagine how the soul takes off when given this latitude.

Each participant has their work published in an anthology and is given the opportunity to read at a community reading. I wish you could see the power in this model as I have seen it. To be a published writer after investing 10 weeks of time in a free workshop - to see your name in print - this is true advocacy for belief in one's self worth.

This organization has done as much, or more, for me than I have done for them - I have met wonderful people, strengthened my writing and facilitation skills, and been able to lose myself in a cause much greater than my own earthly desires. It was an honor to be able to gather my friends and family together to raise a little money for Write Around Portland.

We had the Joe Baker String Trio entertain us with great music, three fabulous participants from Write Around Portland workshops read their work for us and of course, some good food.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and participated in my party! If you would like to contribute to Write Around Portland, please go to http://www.writearound.org/.
Thanks to Reversed Lens Photography for the photos.


Rhea said...

Hey Elizabeth! Congrats on the success of your fundraiser. It looks like you guys did an amazing job.

Reversed Lens said...

It's so fun to see our pictures! I'm so glad that we were able to get some good images for you.