October 2, 2007

Siam Society (2703 NE Alberta St.)

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A couple of years ago, some friends and I wandered into Siam Society on Alberta St. I remember only a couple of things from that night. The pulled pork spring rolls with vanilla and cinnamon and being swathed in a big wool blanket on the outside patio. Mmmmm.

I am happy to report that the pulled pork spring rolls are still absolutely stellar. I also had the sweet potato fries doused in white truffle oil, which were so flavorful - the dipping sauce (I have no idea what was in it) punctuated the sweetness of the sweet potatoes with a strong salty and pungent taste.

Then. I ordered the Sexy Beef. Slips of flank steak sautéed with spicy coconut cream sauce,
onions, bell peppers, oyster mushrooms and fresh roasted garlic. It. Was. Sexy. I will not say another word about it.

I heard various good reports from my friends about their dinners, but I was so in the middle of eating my dinner that I didn't bother to sample anyone else's. I was eating Sexy Beef. I needed nothing else.

Oh wait. I'm not done yet. We had dessert. Flourless Chocolate Cake with Cardamom Ice Cream. Wait. I'm getting a lump in my throat. Sigh. It was beautiful.

The service was excellent. The waitress took one of my friends' plates away before she was done eating, so the waitress had a half order of my friend's entree prepared and boxed up for her. They also provided candles for my other friend's birthday flan, and lit them and everything. So nice.

We all sat there for almost 3 hours total and just chatted, slowly eating our dinner. The conversation equalled the food in stellar-ness. Mmmmmm.

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todd said...

Yum. I mean. . . . .YUMMMMMMM. I've been dying to go there. My friend even lives right down the street, and I STILL haven't been there. Sheesh.